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Prepare for an interview through a coaching session

Arriving at a job interview after successfully passing the first phase of a selection process is already a success.

For this reason, it is important not to frustrate this opportunity and to prepare yourself as best as possible.

In fact, if in front of a recruiter we tend to feel a little anxious or stressed, and this state affects the quality of our interview, then it may be worthwhile to address these issues with a coach.

Or, since at the end of each interview it is possible to address your own to the recruiter, it may be useful to prepare some questions to ask:

  1. The organization: ask “Does the company have a proven history of success? Do you currently have opportunities for growth? " it allows you to understand in which waters that reality navigates and its prospects; in this sense, you can also find out about the current economic results and their trends in recent years

  2. People: “Do your leaders usually provide support for the growth of their collaborators?”; from the answer, you will discover how much that organizational network can facilitate your development; you can also ask how specifically staff growth is facilitated

  3. Training: the question "What are the long-term training programs aimed at making you grow as professionals and human beings?" allow you to know how much the company is looking for resources in which to invest or if it is only looking for employees to "consume".

If the answers are convincing, you can bet on a promising future together.

Preparing for the interview by preparing the questions to ask will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the company to the recruiter and will also allow you to better understand the context to which you are applying.

Furthermore, if we often leave an interview with the perception of not having conveyed the idea we wanted to convey, then reasoning with a coach about the causes of this performance can lead to a better relationship with ourselves and with the way in which we let's face a selection.

The candidates who appear the best, in fact, are almost always those with the strongest perception of self-efficacy. And confidence, motivation, and security are all dimensions that can be trained in an online coaching path.

In these video sessions, it will be possible to simulate an interview, prepare your answers to the most frequently asked questions and reflect on how to present yourself at best!

What are the benefits of meeting an online coach?

First of all, the optimization of travel time. In fact, both the person and the psychologist save time by eliminating commuting to the meeting place.

Large selection of coaches. With the elimination of territorial barriers, people have a better chance of finding the specific psychologist suited to their needs.

Elimination of social stigma. Some people refuse to seek help from a coach because they don't want to be seen by other people for fear of what they might think. With an online coach, on the other hand, people can talk from their homes without breaking down this fear, which is even more visible in small towns.

Who is a good candidate for online coaching?

Anyone who has access to a computer or smartphone, a reliable internet connection, and a private and quiet space.

Additionally, people with, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and self-motivation issues are excellent candidates for these online growth paths.

If you want to learn more about how to best manage a job interview, in this one post you can find other suggestions.


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