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Professional flexibility and positive thinking

Research has now shown that positive thinking helps proactivity, accountability and improves the perception of self-efficacy.

We live in a professional context, characterized by continuous evolution, which Bauman describes as: "a society can be defined as liquid if the situations in which men act change before their ways of acting are able to consolidate into habits."

This “liquid” society characterized by flexibility acts on people making them lose those who until twenty years ago were the points of reference (job security, geographical proximity…).

Therefore, there is one factor that predominates: flexibility, which is increasingly required of the worker also to respond to ever-changing business challenges.

In a "liquid" society, the chances of success will be proportional to the individual's ability to invent a strategy and change it according to the circumstances they encounter.

If you act without a strategy or if you are too "attached" to a strategy, you will have difficulty in pursuing your goals and those of the organization.

Here's why meeting a coach can help you:

  • Cultivating confidence in the future, because companies can change, but new beginnings are not necessarily worse than leaving

  • Do not worry but use energy in the service of professional growth and the satisfaction that comes with it

  • Take a dedicated moment to digest professional disappointments and use it to learn from experience

  • Concentrating on the glass half full: if the worker does not see what he has, he can make him think about his resources (determination, skills ...) and the aspirations of professional growth (which does not necessarily mean hierarchical growth, but also of learning and self-development)

Compared to professional flexibility, in this article you can learn more about other concepts.


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