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Realizing yourself professionally is a process that can last a lifetime

First of all, try to ask yourself, do you want to "find" or are you "looking" for a job that fully satisfies you?

In the first case, the important thing is to "find", even if it is not "your life's work".

Looking for a "right" job, on the other hand, means growth. For this reason, looking for work effectively is an active and more effective process that must be prepared and followed with care. How?

In more ways:

  • Identify the target: be clear about what “your life's work” would be and where, exactly, it could be done.

  • Define the path: clarify the steps to follow in order to effectively apply for that job; ask yourself what you are missing to get it.

  • Build the road: do not stop updating yourself (spend your time and money to train yourself), take care of your network (identify and attend a "peer network" that can introduce you), invest in social networks (eg Linkedin)

As you can see, looking for a job effectively is something more complex than an impromptu activity that you perform by filling out self-application forms on the websites of the companies you visit.

This complexity, however, makes this “journey” even more fascinating if you are able to face it in a far-sighted way.

But more than anything else, looking for a job means building your future.

It means not only professional achievement, as work is increasingly important in today's society, but also aspiring to a more satisfying life/work balance. Think of this concept in relation to the daily hours spent in the office: there is a growing trend, regardless of whether this is right or wrong, and this can affect one's overall well-being, even personal.

When you "plan" your professional future, you must therefore necessarily also consider:

  • the aspirations that made you take the first steps towards the working world: what did you want to achieve when you started a certain course of study or accepted your first job; who did you want to become?

  • your passions: what is the engine that will get you extraordinary results when you feel fully satisfied while you work? Engines, human resources, accounting?

  • the future view: how do you imagine yourself 5 years from now? The mistake that job seekers often make is the lack of this view that pushes them to accept what comes, any offer; work must instead be part of a long-term strategy if it is to bring satisfaction.

After this "research" process, you will be able to "find" more effectively.

Other tips if you are looking for a better job can be found in this article.


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