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What does work mean today?

Have you ever wondered what work represents today?

Imagine it as the backbone that structures the way people live, comes into contact with social and material reality, and determines prestige and self-esteem.

This is true in the good (career, power, salary) and in the bad (demotivation, stress, conflict).

Work today is therefore the basis of the value that many individuals give to themselves.

For this reason, many also start a coaching path in their city to achieve their best professionally. Others prefer, instead, to start equally effective online coaching.

According to Bellah, an American sociologist, work can have three main meanings in people's lives.

  • “Work as employment”: it is considered as a way to earn and have security and supports identity through economic consolidation

  • “Work as a career”: sees people's identity asserted through success and social prestige

  • “Work as desire”: it constitutes an inseparable ideal of the person and is fundamental for his identity.

If work is a fundamental part of the individual's identity, reflecting on the professional project to be carried out, also with the help of a career coach, can be convenient.

As in all things, in fact, you will be able to establish yourself in the job market effectively and in line with your aspirations only if you face the job challenges in a conscious way and follow a strategy.

If, on the other hand, you have no idea where you want to get professionally in 3-5 years, do not expect great successes.

Luck only helps the daring and those who are ready when the train passes, precisely because they have a project developed in the drawer. years carefully.

If you don't understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and if you haven't found enough information on how a professional profile like yours can find space in the job market, you lose out. On the other hand, if you have reflected on your professional project, also thanks to a career coaching path, then it will be easier for you to seize the opportunities that will present themselves or go hunting for opportunities.

You can also learn more about these concepts by reading the book "My Job, My Self"


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