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Who are the Best Business Coaches in Europe?

Coaching is a very delicate process to run, especially if it takes place in an organizational context, as it seeks to stimulate a change in awareness, behavior, and the mentality that each of us carries within.

In life coaching, in fact, we intervene in the coachee's all-around life, working on aspects such as self-esteem, stress management, or supporting him in making an important decision. But in these cases, it is the client who personally turns to the coach to start a journey together.

In performance coaching and business coaching, the focus is on the professional sphere, performance, business objectives, leadership, communication, management of conflicts, time, change, or collaborators. Consequently, the coaching process is more complex as the coach must ensure professional growth and interact with his/her coachee (the person who takes part in the performance coaching process to improve his professional effectiveness), the coachee's manager and the company buyer, who is typically a human resources professional.

It is therefore important to turn to business coaches (often also called “executive coaches” or “performance coaches”) who are up to the task, have solid experience and knowledge of organizational dynamics, and know how to interact effectively with important personalities such as CEOs and top managers.

If the name Anthony Robbins comes to us in the USA, what about the best business coaches in Europe?

No fear! In Europe, there are many coaches who are extremely prepared to best manage a performance coaching process.

Let's see the profiles of some of them:

Luigi Ranieri is certainly among the best executive coaches around in Europe, having more than ten years of experience as an HR manager in large companies and even more years of experience as a coach. Not only does he have hundreds of business coaching paths and thousands of hours of practice under his belt, but he has worked as a coach for organizations such as Toyota, Medtronic and Olympus to name a few. He has published several books on coaching, such as "Coaching to improve organizations and professionals", published in 2023 in London. Luigi also deals with team coaching (a one-to-many intervention that a coach addresses to a work group to improve collective performance) and corporate coaching (when the coachee is the entire organization, as they want to spread the principles of coaching in the corporate culture and in the mindset of those who work there). He is the co-founder of Bonsay, one of the main European platforms for remote coaching.

David Laroche is the CEO of Paradox and coach of athletes, entrepreneurs and cinema personalities. David now has a strong online presence (especially in France) and has achieved several videos which have seen good success. He also provides coaching training. David is passionate about human psychology, methods, systems and pragmatic life-transforming opportunities.

Nina Kalmund is a performance coach and international speaker who has shared the stage with high-level entrepreneurs and thought leaders. For years, Nina has been working with leaders and athletes to become bolder, more innovative and future-oriented and to put values at the forefront of their decision-making. She is on the board of directors of the NGO Women for Women International Germany. Nina has worked internationally as an architect and engineer for nearly twenty years, winning numerous awards for innovative, cutting-edge design and architecture.

We have written only some of them, but there are many other interesting business coach profiles, such as Kris Verlé.

The best way to choose the coach best suited to your needs is certainly to contact more than one to make the most informed choice possible.

But remember, if you want excellent results, as in all areas it is recommended to turn to the best professionals on the market!


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