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Why online Coaching?

A lot of research shows that there are no differences in effectiveness between face-to-face and remote sessions.

It is the alliance that is created between coach and coachee that makes the difference regardless of whether you see each other or not.

Among other things, distance growth paths are not new: Freud himself sometimes used correspondence exchanges in his therapeutic paths. Today with the video-sessions and platforms dedicated to coaching, it is possible to conduct the sessions much more effectively than then.

The benefits of distance coaching are many!

  • The best use of the time available: as physical movements are avoided which do not bring value to coaching as they take place outside the session.

  • The possibility of reaching coaches who are good but far from where they live.

  • The ability to activate a coaching path more quickly than those required by the traditional face-to-face approach, as well as the scheduling of the meeting, so that it is also possible to allow the coachee to be able to start the real time video session, just when needed and, if necessary, also from your smartphone.

  • The ease of "triggering" of a coaching relationship, as all of us are now used to video calls or video conferences, while we are less so when it comes to entering a room with a stranger to start a path of personal growth; the phenomenon of “online disinhibition” was studied by John Super, of Rider University (Psychology of the Digital Age, 2016, Cambridge University Press).

As you can see, remote coaching has multiple advantages: start your journey immediately with


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