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Grow through active listening

Knowing how to listen allows us a better understanding of the context, of our neighbor and also of ourselves.

Here, then, are 9 suggestions that Peter Senge gives us to practice the art of listening:

  • Stop talking: because if you talk you can't listen

  • Imagine the other's point of view

  • Look, act and be interested

  • Also pay attention to non-verbal language

  • Don't interrupt

  • Listen beyond the saying: understand the implicit meanings too

  • While listening, speak only in the affirmative - avoid criticizing right away

  • Reword what you have heard

  • Stop talking: again, because it all starts there.

Of course, working in a listening-oriented environment can help, and if, for example, in our company, aggression is mistaken for assertiveness, it can be difficult to put these tips into practice.

But let us always remember that each of us actively contributes to the construction of this culture.

But be careful! True growth starts not only from listening to others but also from listening to oneself.

This allows us to have a much more effective inner strength. Think of Steve Jobs: the power of his messages comes from who he was, from his inner condition.

And this is true for each of us: just as we can train ourselves every day in listening to others, we must not forget that we need, in order to grow, to be present and aware of ourselves as well.

In this article find more tips on active listening.

Good hearing training!


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