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The power of positive thinking to fulfill yourself professionally

Professional growth can be demotivating in times of crisis: there are few opportunities, few proposals arrive, the conditions offered are not ideal.

This depends on the labor market which has become hyper-competitive, that is, it is characterized by an increasingly lower job offer (available places) and an increasingly higher demand for work (those looking for work).

In this situation, it is important that you keep a positive attitude because it will help you to make the most of the opportunities.


  • Cultivate confidence in the future, because life is changing, it is not ending

  • Do not torment yourself but use your energy for your research

  • Take the time to hone a positive career orientation, learning from experience and improving your strategy when looking for a job

  • Focus on the glass half full: if you don't see what you have because you are unemployed, make an effort to notice the positivity of those around you (family, friends ...) and think about your resources (determination, skills ...)

  • Surround yourself with positive people: think about who you frequent on a daily basis and make sure they are people who transmit energy to you and who, possibly, can be your "mentors" in your research

  • Dream, above all: always remember why you started looking for work, the purpose you had (improve your life, grow as a professional, get away from an unsustainable situation ...).

Career guidance is like going on a journey. It is an even deeper path of change than visiting unknown places and, certainly, more important: it could even affect the next steps you will take throughout your life, much more than a couple of weeks of vacation.

As in travel, you must start from a good professional orientation centered on awareness of yourself (“where do I want to go?”) And on the organization of the itinerary (“how to move strategically?”).

If when you organize a trip you spend 3-6 months of your time planning it in the best possible way, or if when you organize an important event for you such as a wedding the preparations even require more than a year of work, how can you expect to strategically look for work without a structured period of reflection on who would you like to be as a professional?

A coaching path can help your job search because the goal (finding a job) is only the last part of a 3-step process: BE - DO (look for a job) - HAVE (a job).

If self-knowledge is one of the priority factors for good career guidance, career coaching can actively help you in your job search.

If you want to find the best job for you, our career coaching will make you start from your dreams and aspirations to arrive at a clear professional orientation.

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